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VS Wireless Remote 安捷伦氦质谱检漏仪

产品名称: VS Wireless Remote 安捷伦氦质谱检漏仪
产品型号: VS Wireless Remote
产品展商: Agilent
产品文档: 无相关文档


安捷伦真空泵及检漏仪为世界真空泵**品牌之一,VS Wireless Remote 安捷伦氦质谱检漏仪 操作简单 价格实惠 售后服务完善

VS Wireless Remote 安捷伦氦质谱检漏仪  的详细介绍
VS Wireless Remote   Leaks in large systems often occur far from the leak detector. By utilizing modern wireless technology, leak testing hard-to-reach locations is now much easier, and can be performed at much greater distances of up to 100 meters. In addition to the visual bar graph of the leak rate, the remote control has a speaker that provides a variable tone indicating the trend and relative size of the leak. All the major functions of the leak detector are at your fingertips, giving you a truly portable leak detection solution.

Wireless Remote For VS Series Leak Detectors
Frequency/Band 2.4 GHz, ISM Band FHSS Compliant
Range 100 m (328 ft)
Functions Test/Hold, Zero, Read Standard Leak, Set-up
Power Supply 4 (four) AA Batteries or by 5 + 1 VDC, 1 A (min)
Operating Life Approximately 12 hrs (dependent on batteries)
Internal Speaker 85 dB min @ 1.0 ft
Head Phones Mono, 3.5 mm plug, > 32 ohm impedance, 1000-10,000 Hz frequency response
Operating Temperature +12°C to + 40°C
Ruggedness Meets industrial standards for hand-held equipment (Section 8.4.2 of UL 6 1010-1 2nd edition)

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