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VS MD30 安捷伦氦质谱检漏仪

产品名称: VS MD30 安捷伦氦质谱检漏仪
产品型号: VS MD30
产品展商: Agilent
产品文档: 无相关文档


安捷伦真空泵及检漏仪为世界真空泵**品牌之一,VS MD30 安捷伦氦质谱检漏仪 操作简单 价格实惠 售后服务完善

VS MD30 安捷伦氦质谱检漏仪  的详细介绍
The VS Series Leak Detectors combine the simplicity of two-button operation with advanced expert system intelligence. The state-of-the-art spectrometer and vacuum system provide powerful capability, enabling a broad range of test methods for diverse applications. A wide range of options allows for broad configuration flexibility and robust design innovations allow the VS Series Leak Detectors to conform to the most rigorous industrial standards operating dependably in the most challenging environments.

文章摘要:VS MD30 安捷伦氦质谱检漏仪 ,选题也不错陪审团,十二位磨煤机命蹇时乖。

Tech Specs

VS PR02– Portable DS-42 Rotary Vane Pump
VS PD03 – Portable Dry Pump Combination
VS MR15 – Mobile DS-302 Rotary Vane Pump
VS MD30 – Mobile TS-620 Dry Scroll Pump
VS BR15 – Bench Mount DS-302 Rotary Vane Pump
VS BD30 – Bench Mount TS-620 Dry Scroll Pump
Minimum Detectable Leak at 1000 ppm Ambient Helium
Atm cc/sec helium 5 × 10-12
Mbar-liters/sec helium 5 × 10-12
Pa-m3/sec helium 5 × 10-13
Maximum test port pressure 10 torr/13 mbar/1330 Pa
Helium pumping speed 1.8 liters/sec at test port in fine test
Calibration routine Automated or manual
Background helium suppression Push button initiated auto zero and
auto zero < zero
User interface High-clarity color touch screen
Selectable languages English, French, German, Japanese,Korean, Mandarin, Spanish
Programmable functions for auto cycling Roughing time, test time, reject set points
Response time < 0.5 seconds
Set points (standard – 5) Leak rate (3), pressure (1), audio (1)
Communications interface RS-232 at 9600 baud (DB-9S connector)
Conformance standards UL/CSA, CE

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